Monday, October 29, 2007

Noose Nonsense

The past few weeks, it’s saddened me to read about hangman’s nooses being found in several places throughout the city. They’re apparently meant to target and intimidate individuals by using a truly dark symbol from American … more correctly perhaps, human history. These are regrettable incidents, rightly condemned by those in authority. More in government should speak out. It’s hoped that the faceless cowards who have no guts for direct communication, do have the sense to see that their messages of hate in New York City are falling on deaf ears and before courageous hearts.

Hey Nostradamus! It’s All About Location, Location, Location!

I just watched a television show on the History Channel. It was on the famous 16th century French prophet, Nostradamus. Many consider him the greatest “seer” of them all. His prophecies and quatrains have survived and have been studied for nearly 500 years. (I sure hope he was wise enough to secure copyrights to his work!) Most things in the show dealt with the usual topics. Things like the antichrist, end of the world, famine, disasters, war, death, ecological disasters, etc.. The usual Sunday night, pick-me-up kind of stuff. You know.

Regrettably, there was no mention at all about specific Manhattan buildings going co-op. I really want to get in at the “insider price” to make some big dough before they convert … and it has to be before 2012 … which unfortunately is the end of time as we know it. So, he was no help, and my time … make that our time, is running out.

So this evening, I’m seriously questioning his voyeuristic abilities. Nostradamus may have envisioned many future events, but I don’t think he ever witnessed the high price of high-rises on Manhattan’s upper west side in 2007. If so, he would have sailed here and bought all of Manhattan 50 years before the Dutch who saw $24 as a pretty good investment for the place.

Nostradamus … famous prophet … lousy real estate speculator.