Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Green And Blue In Our Red Apple

There are 105 additional green and blue recycling bins throughout the five boroughs helping the city get a “do over” with its waste. The cost for this program which began in April 2007 is minimal. The message and goal is significant though. So New Yorkers, be “color coordinated” when next out in public. It's the good neighborly thing to do.

Counting Bodies In 2010

The City of New York wants its estimated half-million illegal immigrants to legally complete the 2010 Census forms. This will better reflect the actual number of people living here to help the city obtain more federal dollars. It’s unlikely however that many will step forward for fear of deportation. So why are we seeking hundreds of federal bucks for each illegal alien when each one reportedly costs New York City residents thousands of dollars annually? Especially now during this severe economic downturn, doesn't it make more sense than ever to enforce existing laws regarding illegal immigration from all countries?