Thursday, June 5, 2008

See London … While In New York

An English sculptor/artist by the name of Paul St. George has tunnel vision and because of it, New Yorkers (Londoners too) can see across the Atlantic Ocean. His “telectroscope” arises from the Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn. An identical one was setup across the pond on London’s South Bank. When one steps up to the lens, they can see a real-time, life-size view of whoever may be peering through the lens on the other side. Paul St. George claims to have been inspired by his great-grandfather, Alexander Stanhope St. George whose dream was to tunnel under the Atlantic, put a telectroscope on either side and let people on both sides see each other. Technically speaking, it works with fiber optic communication but let’s keep that quiet. After all, why ruin the imagination of the young or the fascination of the old? This art exhibit is definitely worth a look. A display like this should find a permanent home so the public may continue to see and be amazed, long into the future.

MTA’s Double-Decker-Play Revisited

New York City Transit is considering a trial program to run double-decker buses in Manhattan this year. Howard Roberts, NYC Transit President said, “Back to the future is, at least in terms of productivity, something we would also like to look at.” The MTA is now reviewing several bus models from companies worldwide. The last time these British-type buses were tried on our streets was back in the 1970’s. Today’s “go green” mentality and the unique appeal buses like these have on riders and pedestrians makes this a play, a winning city could use.

White's Green To Make Gardens Greener

Shelby White, a Brooklyn girl, still proud of her roots recently donated $25 million dollars to two fortunate organizations that benefit all New Yorkers. It’s the largest private donation in the history of New York for the greening of the city! $10 million will fund projects in Prospect Park and $15 million will be put to good use at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Many are familiar with the story, “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.” Well, I guess angels grow up there too. Thanks, Shelby for your generosity.