Monday, December 31, 2012

The Ball Must Come Down But It Should Not Bounce

As final preparations are put into place to greet 2013, a million people are expected in Times Square tonight.  All there and those watching through other media sources will be focused on the work of master rigger, Tony Calvano.  He’s the man given the responsibility of dropping the ball at 11:59pm to usher in the new year.  Mayor Bloomberg and the Rockettes will push a button to signal Tony to begin the ball’s descent (The mayor always seems to be pushing someone’s button, doesn’t he?).  Since 1988, Mr. Calvano and his team have successfully, “dropped the ball” but in a good way.  Back then, they did it manually.  Now, a computer controls the winch lowering the 12,000-pound, 2,688-piece Waterford Crystal sphere down towards the future.  Thanks to all involved in this effort and longstanding New York City tradition.  And thanks to all New York City residents for keeping this city, on the ball.

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