Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NYPD U-ranium

Local law enforcement has new water-weapons in their arsenal. They’ve added two $1 million high-tech police boats capable of detecting radioactive uranium which may be smuggled by boat into New York. These TRACS (Tactical Radiological Acquisition and Characterization System) are similar in size and design to existing police boats. By their nature however, they’re built for more serious missions. The NYPD’s Counterterrorism Bureau has searched for water-borne uranium before. The equipment aboard these new craft though do it better and provide greater detail about what’s detected. Eight additional boats should be added in 2009. That’s long overdue news to nervous residents of New York City. It’s understood that only so much can be done to safeguard our city. No preventative measure will ever be foolproof. Nevertheless, nearly seven years after September 11th, NYC should already be guarded by a fleet of these boats, in every access waterway and on duty 24/7. Let’s hope that this apparent chink in our armor is merely deception to mislead those who would seek to harm us. Let’s hope too that all that needs to be done is already done. Finally, let’s say a special prayer of thanks to those who guard the frontlines, whether on land, in the sky or on the water.