Friday, August 15, 2008

Transit Toilets Flushed

A recent check of 18 subway bathrooms in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens found most were locked, poorly stocked or inadequately maintained. Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn Assemblyman conducted the review. No comment yet from the MTA. Could any regular subway rider be surprised by the results? I’m not. Undoubtedly, the most surprised individual was one of Hikind’s inspectors. On his tour, he walked in on two men engaged in sexual activity! Maybe they were tourists from a third world country who were glad enough just to have indoor plumbing … whether it worked or not.

New York City May Be Sold

New York’s Governor Paterson recently raised the possibility that government may sell off public bridges, tunnels and roads to private groups helping offset budget deficits. Whether it’s a long-term solution or fiscal gimmickry remains to be seen. Hopefully things here won’t get to the point where this becomes necessary. However, if finances run lower, those that monitor things for the public must examine the financial details before we put a “For Sale” sign in NYC's front window.

Naked Cowboy Escapes San Fran Ban And Can

New York City's famous Times Square troubadour, Robert Burck, was recently arrested in San Francisco for playing his music in violation of their city's park regulations. The case against him was dropped however because the arresting officer put the "wrong code" on the ticket, thereby making it invalid. After several hours of legal wrestling, he left court a free man. Good thing, too. The thought of being jailed might have made Mr. Burck soil his costume undies!

A Taste Of Brooklyn Bridge Park

A small section of Brooklyn Bridge Park was recently opened to the public. Highly controversial prior to its approval, there are few critics now except for those asking why this park wasn’t approved sooner! One day, in the not too distant future, residents of New York City will have a brand new 85-acre park. Breathtaking views instead of missed opportunities should help us all see other possibilities around the city more clearly.

OTB To Consider Video-Lottery Terminals And More

David Cornstein is the new chairman of New York City’s OTB Corp. He envisions construction of an entertainment center to include movie theatres, retail stores and possibly hotels … not to mention VLT’s throughout. He thinks it could eventually employ 5,000 employees and attract even more tourists to the city. Is this guy running state-controlled bookie joints or envisioning himself as a combination Donald Trump/Steve Winn in the casino/hotel business? Horses too fast out of the chute usually don’t finish in the money. Perhaps Cornstein should commence by offering the daily bettor more at existing facilities rather than calling for blueprints for yet another.