Sunday, December 28, 2008

Widow “Belts” Boxer’s Grandson

Rocky Graziano was a boxer. Rocky Graziano was a champion. Rocky Graziano was a New Yorker. Paul Newman starred in a boxing movie about his life called, "Somebody Up There Likes Me." Famous, loveable guy, he was. Sadly, his grandson looks to profit from the man’s fame instead of being proud just to be related to it. The grandson, Aaron Graziano, was recently looking to sell the prizefighter’s belt. That’s when Rocky’s widow, Norma Graziano, 83, got wind of it and “stepped into the ring” to fight back. The belt was awarded 61 years ago in Chicago. The year was 1947 when Rocky beat Tony Zale in Chicago. Norma said that she let her daughter Audrey hold the belt. When she died, the “little creep” as she referred to Aaron, got hold of it. He promised to return it but never did. Aaron insists he owns the belt. Let’s root for the widow.