Thursday, October 16, 2008

S And M Spanked In No-Fun City

Bad girls. Bad girls. Beep, beep. A Tribeca S and M "pleasure palace" was busted after a dominatrix offered sex to an undercover cop. The Manhattan club, Rapture NYC was closed with the owner and pain management domme now charged with prostitution. Whether the charge is true or not, a jury may decide. A sign in the establishment states, “We do not engage in any form of prostitution whatsoever, so don’t even ask!” Other signs are posted stating that sex isn’t permitted. Who knows what really went on behind their closed doors? Let's get real, people. It's 2008. What one defines these days as "prostitution," another might define as "pleasure for payment' with both partners regarding the sex as a "business arrangement" or "mutually consensual." Was this act so despicably different from a "date" where the male or female willingly engages in sex after money was spent on them? Who are the victims in either situation? Activities at this club were going on behind closed doors. This is not to defend hookers selling their wares on city streets. Actions of that sort have a far greater negative impact than an S and M club or even a house of prostitution. Perhaps it’s time to re-examine privacy rights and the definition of what constitutes criminal behavior in our society. Maybe we should consider that if a woman has a right to abortion in America, she should also have the right to use her body as she chooses, for her own reasons. Once again, the stipulation being that our New York society and neighbors shouldn't suffer as a result.

Fun City Is Condom Capitol

New Yorkers are getting screwed again and again and again! The Mayor’s Management Report states that the city Health Department gave away 39,070,000 male condoms during the 2008 fiscal year. That’s more than double what was handed out the last fiscal year. It far surpasses that of the next municipality too with a similar type of program. The cost was a little over $1 million, not counting the cost of female condom products that were also given out though in lesser supply. That price is significantly cheaper than the estimated $350,000 lifetime cost of medicating a single AIDS patient. It's a good investment for city residents/lovers on many practical levels. This year, the goal is to distribute 51 million male condoms. Legitimate, distribution organizations (In other words, no eBay entrepreneur types.) may request as many as they can put to good use. Finally, a good city government program being put to good use. What a rarity. Let’s keep it up New York!