Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bowery Becoming “Boutiquey”

Down in the Lower East Side, just off East First Street, in a filthy back alley called “Extra Place,” another neighborhood makeover of the Bowery from bum days and CBGB nights will soon take place. Developers plan to reclaim this seedy place. Where the punk rock Ramones once posed, half a dozen high-end retailers will soon ply their trade. Add them to the other new fancy shoppes, high-rise co-ops, banks and yuppies that now frequent this once infamous part of town. It’s getting so that a young drinker who can’t hold his liquor won’t be able to find a free spot to puke or piss anymore! Maybe pay toilets are next.

“Rescue Ink” Writes Happy Ending

Clara the bulldog was dog-napped last week in midtown. Clara’s owner, Jessica Kurland, is friends with Beth Ostrosky, beau of the King of All Media, Howard Stern. Through their broadcast efforts and a New York Post article, Rescue Ink (tattooed toughs with big hearts) a Long Island nonprofit group, learned of the crime and decided to help. These animal-like, animal lovers hit the pavement hard, knocking on doors and quizzing the locals. Several days later, two anonymous good Samaritans(?) called to say they had spotted Clara and took her in. Clara was reunited with Jessica soon afterwards. Rescue Ink deserves a reality TV show at the very least for their good deed.

(IMAGE NOTE: Given a choice between a bulldog, half a dozen burly, tattooed guys or a drop-dead gorgeous blond model, the photo choice for this story was a no-brainer!)

NYPD Cadet To “Cop” Special Badge

St. John’s University student Ryan Baer will proudly enter the next Police Academy class in July. Awaiting him at graduation? A badge bearing the number his great-great-grandfather wore nearly 100 years ago. Patrolman Bryan L. O’Donnell died while in the line of duty while trying to arrest three punks. Best wishes and prayers to Ryan during his training and throughout his career with the finest police force in the world!