Monday, January 14, 2008

Weather I’m Right Or Weather They’re Wrong

Yesterday, all the local weather forecasters predicted New York City’s first major snowstorm of 2007-2008 to begin late Sunday night. By most estimates, 3” to 7” was expected. I woke up this morning hoping to see several inches of snow already on the ground (I'm off today commuters!). I looked out the window. No snow. Not a flake. Only flakes to be viewed I guess are the local weather forecasters who predict snow in the winter for New York City. The climate just doesn’t do that kind of thing too often around here anymore. Hey weather forecasters! Next time you’re playing with your weather map, go against your best judgment. Stick on the orange and yellow Colorform sticky. It’s a safer guess if you want to look knowledgeable in our tropical paradise.

Big Blue Apple

This blog and site is exclusively about New York City and it’s residents. However, I know nearly all Giants fans refuse to admit that Big Blue is really a Jersey football team playing in the meadowlands of Secaucus; no longer in the Bronx. They ignore the 33 years since the Giants played a home game at Yankee Stadium. The last time I checked, the Big Apple still isn’t part of the Garden state. Nevertheless, in recognition of how the Giants have pleased so many New Yorkers, I’ll make an exception to the NYC-only rule and give the final score of the semi-finals game. New York City bookies … you owe me one!

2008 NFC Championship Game Football Prediction: Packers 27 Giants 24 (Sorry fans. Can’t bet against Favre at Lambeau Field as long as he’s wearing a helmet!)

PS … Since I already made the one exception …
2008 AFC Championship Game Football Prediction: Patriots 30 Chargers 20