Saturday, March 22, 2008

Subway Superhero Saves Sot

Veeramuthu Kalimuthu is a mechanic at Columbia University. On March 14th, he was a subway superhero. On that day, during evening rush hour, he heard people screaming and saw them running around at the 116th Street station in Morningside Heights. An intoxicated man (as later reported by a NYCTA official) had fallen onto the subway tracks, directly across the platform from Kalimuthu. Without regard for his own safety, “Kali” hopped onto the train bed, jumped across 3 sets of tracks and 3 third rails (the rails with 600 volts of lethal electricity) and then heaved the heavier victim onto the platform. Once completing his mission of mercy, he hopped back across the 3 sets of tracks and headed home to his family as if nothing extraordinary happened. Kali's quote? “People should help people. If all of us get along well in this world then we’ll get a better world to live.” That’s easy for a subway superhero to say. New York is an amazing city with some amazing residents, isn't it?