Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Forget Ferry Feasting For Now

Staten Island Ferry Terminal commuters must wait until 2009 for retail food establishments to open. Hard to believe that the $350 million terminal which opened in 2005 still doesn’t have a place serving quality meals. Fast-food isn't on the menu anytime soon.

Poverty’s %’s Are Pitiful

Government officials claim poverty in New York City is higher than reported. Using an unaccepted formula that calculates additional living expenses, our poverty rate is 23%, not 18.9% as reported by the federal government. No other jurisdiction uses the same measure that we do. Our higher rate does not obtain more state or federal benefits for the poor. What it does do is enable Mayor Bloomberg to reapportion certain city benefits. But more must be done. Regardless of which math calculation is used, the result obtained is too high. I know there will always be “have’s and have not’s.” Nevertheless, the reduction of poverty among the least of us will benefit us all in many ways. The mayor’s remaining time in office is limited (Maybe, depending on daily-developing factors.) and he can only do so much. Who else in government or the private sector has a plan and the courage to wage this fight for all New Yorkers? As it was in the famous 1888 NYC picture "Bandit's Roost," so it will always be, if politicians are allowed to keep smiling for camera-shots instead of taking bold positions on bigger social issues.