Thursday, July 31, 2008

Final Ruling Against 9/11 Remains Transfer

Judge Alvin Hellerstein recently decided against the lawsuit raised by 9/11 families. The plaintiffs (WTC Families for a Proper Burial) want the city to move World Trade Center debris from the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island to a burial site. The judge said, “Not every wrong can be addressed through the judicial process. The grave harm suffered by the plaintiffs in this case is undeniable. But the jurisdiction of a court is limited.” Sad as it is to think that any human remains may have been overlooked during the exhaustive sifting process, the family’s request may be impractical now for financial and logistical reasons. However, couldn’t New York City make arrangements to set aside a proper burial area in the vicinity of Fresh Kills? The landfill won’t be a landfill forever.

#1 International Tourist Spot In USA Is NYC

The US Department of Commerce reports that New York City remains the top destination city for overseas travelers. Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and the rest still have nothing on The Big Apple. With the dropping dollar, foreigners now get more for their money when they travel to America. Happily for local businesses, they’re arriving here like never before. 7.6 million tourists visited NYC in 2006. A record 8.5 million tourists came in 2007. So far, 2008 is on pace to set a new foreign tourist record. “I Love New York?” How about “The World Loves New York!”