Monday, April 21, 2008

Former CBGB Club Transformed Into Museum/Retail Fashion Outlet

John Varvatos, a well known menswear designer recently opened his boutique upon punk rock and roll’s most hallowed ground; CBGB’s. Here, one can now combine the experience of seeing pop culture kept alive using CBGB club memorabilia with eye-popping prices on items like t-shirts and jeans to jackets and cashmere sweaters. Cashmere on the Bowery? It must be 2008. Varvatos also plans to promote live music events in the near future. Perhaps the surviving members of the Ramones can drop in and jam when the store has a new stage … or shop during it’s first sale.

NYPD Throws The Book At Ex-NYPD Officer’s Log

James Giordonello, a retired NYPD police sergeant recently listed his official 1990 duty log on eBay. It details his actions over a four month period. When NYPD authorities detected this, they demanded that eBay cancel his auction. eBay immediately complied. The NYPD has a policy that active officers may not sell their memo books. It’s unclear if the NYPD policy extends to retired cops too. However, New York State law prohibits the dissemination of info collected while on official duty. This seems more applicable here so long as there’s no statute of limitations. One thing is certain for now. Mr. Giordonello’s dreams of becoming an eBay Power Seller with his NYPD history just got whacked.

Bottled Water Is Tapping Out

More and more restaurants and hotels throughout New York City are choosing to be politically correct and “go green” at the same time. They’re replacing fancy bottled water with filtered NYC tap water. This change saves money, oil (for bottled water transportation) and reduces waste by eliminating the need for plastic bottles. I’ll drink (tap water) to that!

NYPD Applies Muscle To Steroid Cops

Rafael Piniero, NYPD Chief of Personnel recently issued a memo reminding and warning all police officers about the dangers and illegality of anabolic steroid and HGH drugs. The NYPD does not give random tests for these substances but that policy is now being reviewed. That’s probably a good idea considering the demands of the job. Aggressive or antisocial behavior resulting from the use of these substances must be prevented by those who carry badges and guns. Stick to the white powder, guys … on donuts.

Buzcek Ballpark Honors A Team Player

Nearly 20 years ago, NYPD Officer Michael Buzcek was slain in Washington Heights in upper Manhattan. Drug dealers gunned him down during the crack crackdown of the era. In his honor, a new little league baseball field was recently dedicated in Highbridge Park. It’s fitting that a man who lost his life protecting our children from drugs is honored in this manner. It’s a fitting reminder too that we should each, in some way, contribute to the healthy growth of all of New York City’s children. As New Yorkers, we’re truly all on the same team.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

School Dollars Don’t Buy Three R’s

New York State spends $14,884 per pupil. That amount is 63% more than the national average of $9,138. New York City spends $14,961 per student. These dollar totals mean nothing. Academic results per dollars spent are what counts. Who will make the argument that New York City is getting good value for what it’s paying for? Any takers; beside the Board of Education System?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

HRC Gives IOU’s To NYC Vendors

It’s been reported that Hillary Rodham Clinton (D – New York) owes several local businesses over $150,000.000 in campaign related expenses. Her dwindling funds have reportedly been diverted to buy additional advertising. It's obviously more important to pay for what she might get instead of what she did get. Perhaps the affected small business owners should address their complaint to their state Senator. Perhaps not.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trying To Tame Taxi Tooting

Community Board 3 representing the Lower East Side in Manhattan has proposed the following suggestions to reduce excessive horn pollution in their neighborhood: 1) A roof light that illuminates every time the cab’s horn beeps. 2) An interior horn that blasts the cabbie each time the horn is utilized. 3) A meter which deducts $1.00 each time the horn is honked. While the first idea may have some merit (Although why not propose it for ALL vehicles?), the other two ideas are both unfair and probably unsafe. If the Board get these ideas passed, perhaps they'll also propose fining those who try flagging a cab down by yelling “Hey Taxi!” too loud!