Saturday, May 24, 2008

An Airport Scanner To Make Superman Blush

It’s been over a month now since an X-Rated, X-Ray scanner has been operating at JFK Airport. This high-tech machine is capable of revealing very intimate body-part details underneath a passenger’s clothing in advance of boarding a plane. We’re all that much safer by finding out if a terrorist is looking to smuggle a weapon onto a plane. "It’s working extremely well so far," according to officials at the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA). I wonder if those looking to join the “Mile High Club” have been able to benefit from this device as well.

NOTE: If preparing to fly in the near future, wear clean underwear. And a smile.

Drink Up – It May Be Later Then You Think

New York City at night isn’t Podunk. Not even in the daytime. Nevertheless, local community boards are only approving liquor licenses for new nightlife-industry businesses if they agree to close at 2:00am. Officials at the State Liquor Authority are reportedly rubber-stamping their licensing approvals, only in accordance with these boards. Both parties deny the allegations. I guess time will tell who’s telling the truth.