Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gowanus Water Paints Unique Pictures

The Gowanus Canal has been a polluted waterway in Brooklyn for over 100 years. Artist David Eustace sees it as more of an automated painter’s palette. He creates original artworks by soaking acrylic spray-painted canvases for up to a month in the canal's toxic-liquid brew. Over time, various stains appear on the canvas. When removed from the water, the canvases are dried and displayed. Like the water itself, this “art” isn’t to everyone’s taste. The unique creativity of his approach and the fact that he himself doesn't get a ticket for polluting with acrylics is what makes this story even more intriguing.

The Fix Is In For Tix

Do orange parking tickets make you see red? If so, maybe Glen Bolofsky of can help you keep green; as in holding onto money in your wallet. Simply fill in pertinent details from the ticket into the appropriate boxes on the screen. When you’re done typing, cross your fingers and hope that his program can detect a mistake or inaccuracy that you can use as a legal challenge in traffic court. And remember, should you be fortunate enough to go to court to dispute the ticket, put enough quarters in the parking meter!