Friday, March 14, 2008

Eat Your Fruits And Veggies!

The City Council passed Mayor Bloomberg’s “green carts” proposal 37-9. This plan calls for permitting 1,000 vending carts in 34 low-income neighborhoods to provide residents with fresh foods. By having more places to make healthier food choices, it's hoped that people's overall health will improve. It’s a noble/good idea, but a tough break for local grocers already struggling to do the same. Perhaps a tax break or other form of assistance can be offered to these local business people who'll be negatively impacted by the city’s good intentions.

Anti-Congestion Ideas Collide

Supporters of Straphangers Campaign are looking to charge drivers entering Manhattan below 60th Street to ease city traffic and raise money for mass transit. Supporters of Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free are opposed to the idea believing this isn’t the solution. I suspect that the idea of taxing people to put more dollars into a government agency like the MTA will ultimately win out. Doesn’t it always?

Heliport Hell-Raisers May Cause Havoc

Since the 1950’s, a Hudson River heliport on West 30th Street has served the needs of New York businessmen, the well-heeled and tourists alike. It’s been very handy too for emergencies that unexpectedly popup. Today, it’s the only 24/7 heliport in Manhattan. Yet, a suit was recently filed by The Friends of the Hudson River Park to shut down this vital facility. They cite a 1998 state law requiring the heliport to be moved to create more park space on the west side. Admittedly, a more serious effort should have been made by now and certainly, should be made now to locate the heliport to a new location. However, legally forcing this heliport to close puts many New Yorkers at unnecessary risk to add grass and trees.

Now, I welcome the new parks being built around the city; but not at the expense of people’s lives and property. City government needs to hover … uhhh, huddle together with all parties concerned and hammer out a solution. Put on your “thinking caps” people! Tree-huggers and those in black robes should not determine this matter alone.