Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Neighbors And Fences

It’s believed that Johan Santana (New York Mets) recently purchased a co-op apartment in an Upper East Side luxury building in which Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankees) is already a tenant. The great American patriot and philosopher, Ben Franklin is quoted as saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.” I’d bet Rodriguez and Santana are on different sides of an outfield fence about where batted baseballs should land! Can’t wait to see if they travel together to their Manhattan pads following each game of the Subway Series!

Yankees Win Games – Lose Money

Financially speaking, the New York Yankees (valued at $1.306B) lost $47.3 million dollars in 2007. So says Forbes magazine. There’s a well known economics adage that goes something like this: “What’s the difference between a good accountant and a great accountant? Ask a good accountant to add 1+1 and he’ll get 2. Ask a great accountant to add 1+1 and he’ll get any number you want!” Before I pity the Steinbrenners, I need to contact Forbes and borrow their accountant. I want to recalculate my taxes!

Red Hook Plans To "Ride" Into The Future

A scenic Brooklyn waterfront community with limited public transit is seeking to become the city’s most bike-friendly neighborhood. A competition is underway for designers and developers to conceive bikeways in Red Hook that offer far more than painted lines on busy streets. They hope to provide “bike stations” where riders may buy drinks and snacks, fix a flat or even safely park before hopping on a bus or train. More should be done throughout New York City to encourage bicycle riding and safety for bike riders and pedestrians they seek to steer clear of. This may lead to a wheel-thought-out idea we all could benefit from.

An Island With Views - But No Vision Yet

Later this year, the Empire State Development Corporation will accept new proposals from private developers for the 172 acres on Governors Island. For years, this prime land has been unused because no group has impressed officials with their grand designs and purposes. Nestled between Brooklyn and Manhattan, it’s unquestionably one of New York City’s premiere islands. Let’s hope that all New Yorkers can soon be excited over hearing about it’s next incarnation.

Term-Limits Limit Political Excess

Our highly popular Mayor Bloomberg may have a secret desire to run for a third term. To do so, he’d most likely have to appoint a new Charter Revision Commission (including all of it’s members) to review the city’s entire charter. Having done that, they'd put a referendum on the November ballot for voters to approve an increase of public officials’ terms from two to three. Term-limits were first approved in 1993 and reaffirmed in 1996. During his tenure, Mayor Bloomberg has greatly benefited New York City in many ways. Better he continue do so in a different post rather than by manipulating a law that benefits New Yorkers from many politicians eager to benefit themselves. Keep term-limits as they are.

Horseless Carriages Sought To Replace Horse-Drawn Buggies

Animal rights activists are once again pushing to eliminate horse-drawn carriages in New York City. This time, they recommend replacing them with nostalgic “green” replicas of antique cars. These classic autos are now made to run on propane and hydrogen and will soon be manufactured to run on electricity. In general, tourist trade horses are well cared for. Their health and well-being should be vigorously overseen by city officials. But for those looking to go “green,” what mode of transportation can better accomplish that than one which occasionally plops down brown?