Thursday, October 2, 2008

NYPD Eyes On New York

George Orwell’s, “1984” may still be our “Fun City” future. The NYPD plans a $100 million video network for downtown Manhattan. It’s known as “Operation Sentinel.” 3,000 high-tech surveillance cameras to safeguard lower Manhattan against terrorist attacks. The NYCLU wants to see more plan details. They filed suit in court because they believe the police aren’t giving them sufficient information about the video system. Conversely, the police believe they have complied with the NYCLU’s request as best they can without compromising security. The question remains. How will cameras in lower Manhattan (or anywhere for that matter) thwart bombs in planes, trucks, cars or bags from doing horrific damage? That must be answered before spending taxpayer dollars. The government still needs to tighten security around America’s borders, increase the use of detection equipment, organize volunteer civilian patrols and enforce existing criminal laws. Spending money for a camera system that likely won’t deter terrorists, but only take pictures of their destruction seems like the "perfect picture" of wasted money. By the way, has anyone seen a really clear surveillance tape anyway?

Black Eyes In The Big Apple

The eyes of a New York woman
Are eyes that can hold a man
She swept me off of my feet
Made my world seem so complete
I'll never have to look for more
I found what I've been lookin' for
Deep in the eyes of a New York woman
Deep in the eyes of a New York woman
Deep in the eyes of a New York woman
----- B.J. Thomas

Relationships between men and women are not always as lovely as those written about in a love song. 4,000 women entered emergency rooms in 2005 as victims of abuse. Not surprisingly to most who study the issue, hospital visits by black and Latino women, and in the borough of The Bronx, led the way. This crime is more common in poorer neighborhoods than more well-to-do ones. The problem is undoubtedly pervasive throughout the city as many cases probably go unreported. City officials urge abused women to get help. If you’re being abused, or know someone who is, call 311 or a toll-free hot line, 800-621-HOPE today. And ladies, when the pain subsides, consider the possibility of criminal persecution against the men who raise their fists against women. Let’s kick the bums out of New York City and make them residents of upstate New York … in prison.