Monday, July 28, 2008

New York Means New Jobs

Over the past year, the NYC metropolitan area added 39,800 new jobs. Fortunately for us, 92% of those jobs were right in our five boroughs. The Big Apple's growth rate was five times the national average. This, despite only registering a meager 1% growth rate; the lowest since 2004. So says the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Despite the weakening national economy, New York City remains the city that never sleeps … on the job.

NYC Spends $65 Million For Reservists’ Pay

Since September 11th, over 2,000 city employees have been called up by their country to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. At present, 488 of our city’s brave sons and daughters are on duty overseas. We’re grateful for their honorable service. When municipal workers become serving reservists, the city foots the bill. Representative Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn/Queens) is calling upon the Federal government to reimburse New York for the expense. It’s a reasonable idea that’s unlikely to happen; and perhaps it shouldn’t. New York City’s burden is likely in proportion to other municipalities across the country. Maybe we should look into the city’s bloated budget to cut waste rather than reaching out for a handout during a time of war. Yes, New Yorkers are special, but we must remember that we're AMERICANS first ... except of course for all of the illegal aliens throughout our five boroughs.

World Trade Center Tragedy – Part II

Nearly seven years after September 11th, the Port Authority says it needs time to calculate how late and over-budget the rebuilding effort is. This is a disgrace and insult to millions of New Yorkers. Those who have had authority over the years should be held accountable for their inaction. To his credit, after only two months on the job, new Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward seems to acknowledge this. He intends to get something done. Perhaps he can accomplish what his predecessors and others could not. Unfortunately, we’re years away from knowing.