Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Ads Will Help The Wheels Of The Train Go Round And Round

Ad revenue from the Big Apple's mass transit system was $105 million last year as compared to only $37 million dollars in 1997. New York City Transit wants even more. The MTA is now testing exterior train car advertising on the 42nd Street Shuttle. This will work like advertising does on the outside of city buses. Continental Airlines is the first client to try this new media approach. In short time, the plan will likely be approved and expanded throughout the system. Commuters looking for a bus or train will undoubtedly see more commercials first. Advertising in your face. That’s the business of New York, people.

Hamilton “Grange” To Find New Home On His Range

Alexander Hamilton’s 206 year old Manhattan home on Convent Avenue and 141st Street is about to receive a new address and complete rehabilitation. The “Grange,” as it’s known, will be moved around the corner to 141st, just inside St. Nicholas Park. Coincidentally, the new location was part of Hamilton’s original estate. The house will be turned into a museum, slated to open in 2009. Hamilton is regarded by many historians as one of our nation’s greatest founding fathers. He was also a major player in establishing America’s banking system and founded the New York Post newspaper. Not known as a superb duelist however, he was shot dead by Aaron Burr in 1804. Once the museum and memorial are complete, New Yorkers and tourists should visit to better know the man whose face is on the $10 bill. After all, it’s not all about the Benjamins.

Firehouse Names Too Hot For FDNY Brass

Poor behavior and recent booze and broad scandals of some New York City firefighters is forcing officials in the Fire Department to try to clean up it’s public image. One way to do this, they believe, is to eliminate politically incorrect nicknames for firehouses. After a three year battle with a firehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the FDNY has prevailed. That means the “Happy Hookers” firehouse in Red Hook is no more. Gone too is the moniker “Southern Comfort” in Staten Island, “Animal House” in the Bronx and “Fosters” in Brooklyn. Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta believes this is the right approach. Perhaps more severe punishment should be meted out to specific individuals who bring shame to the Fire Department rather than cutting out part of the spirit and camaraderie which all fire personnel and many neighborhood residents enjoy.

Parking Tickets Are Moving Up

2,535,308 parking tickets were issued the first three months of this year. That’s 200,000 more tickets (+8%) compared to last year. The city has collected $162 million during that period as compared to $150 million last year; a 12 million dollar increase. The NYPD currently employs about 2,800 traffic agents. That’s up from 1,900 people in 2006. 238 additional agents will hit the streets in June. The NYPD claims that there is no “ticket blitz” taking place. Perhaps that’s true. Perhaps not. Maybe it’s just the city going green with extra money by going orange first.