Saturday, May 31, 2008

When Will They Learn?

Tardy students at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn have quite a tale to tell. According to them, they’ve been denied entrance into school for their lateness. School officials have vehemently denied the charges. This high school has an average daily absentee rate of 38%. School attendance and lateness issues here demand an immediate review by those at the highest levels of the Board of Education. Students who come to school to learn should not be dismissed without even setting foot in the school, late or not. Turning your backs on these children now may lead to employers and society turning their backs on them later. Our children MUST LEARN reading, writing and arithmetic. Our children MUST RECEIVE all of the basics in education that they need to succeed; even in the most trying of circumstances. Teach our children that they MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE for their actions in life. For example, if they’re late for class, make them responsible for doing community service for the school, minute for minute, for every minute they're late. Both students and Board of Education civil servants all have much to learn. I suspect the students may long before Board of Education personnel will.

New York City Is Still a "Big Draw"

New York City has always attracted the young and old from all walks of life and from all over the world to fulfill their dreams, right here at the center of the universe. Remember the lyrics, “If you can make it here, You’ll make it anywhere … ”? Well, 25-year old sketch artist Jason Polan ( of Michigan is here now to succeed. His dream is to sketch EVERY SINGLE New Yorker. A big dream indeed, but why not? He’s not sure what he’ll do once he achieves his goal. Frankly, I’m not sure what he’ll do either. But, I admire him for having the guts and determination to capture New York’s best attribute, it’s people. If nothing else, he's already caught our attention.

Love Italian Style

It’s been three weeks now since Mike Walsh hired Mike D’Antoni to be the coach of the New York Knicks. We haven’t lost a game so far which means they've already improved the team! Mike D. brings an impressive 267-172 (.608) lifetime record to the job. I bet he wishes that he could bring the Phoenix Sun’s players over here too. With the Knicks, one miracle at a time though. As we all know, this first one has been a long time coming.

The Reality Check Is In The Mail

The Upper East Side’s 10021 Zip Code was where New York’s "wealthiest of the wealthy" once lived. Last year, the United States Post Office divided 10021 into three Zip Codes; 10021, 10065 and 10075. Today, 10065 is where the city's wealthiest residents proudly call home. Rich socialites who once coveted a 10021 residence now find themselves living on the wrong side of the local Starbucks. Let’s hope our well-heeled neighbors in 10021 can cope with their unwelcome mediocrity, all thanks to the USPS.