Thursday, November 1, 2007

Skateboarders “Bomb” On Broadway

The “Broadway Bomb” is an unofficial/illegal eight mile long race of extreme skateboard enthusiasts. About 100 men and women participated a few days ago. The course winds dangerously down busy, traffic-laden Broadway, beginning on 116th Street and ending at Bowling Green. Boarders takeoff downtown at breakneck speed (literally), ignoring traffic signals and trying to avoid pedestrians, potholes, cars and police … not always without incident. The race’s motto … “You could die.” seems like an understatement!

Not having had my car on the course at the time and not having been an endangered pedestrian myself, I think there’s something very “New York” and thrilling about this kind of race. Maybe there’s something to be said for living life boldly and flaunting authority just a bit. Maybe in some ways too, a part of us wishes we could skateboard past the city’s traffic jams or crowded sidewalks. Imagine Errol Flynn boldly striding past “Do Not Enter” signs. You know he’s wrong to do so, but there’s a smile on your face anyway. You have a certain respect and admiration for him. In some ways, you might wish you were a rebel like him. Maybe there’s some skateboarder in you?

Pack a skateboard in your car’s trunk tomorrow. Stick one in your bag if you’re on foot. Tomorrow may be the day when you decide to take on Broadway yourself … all eight miles.