Friday, January 7, 2011

Whitewashing A Weakness

It used to be that as used, white NYPD police cruisers were painted a dark blue and passed down to other NYC enforcement agencies. These police groups included traffic-enforcement agents, auxiliary police and school-safety agents. Now, these hand-me-down cars will forego the blue “Maaco makeover” and instead receive agency-specific decals on the faded white car bodies. This will give the appearance that there are more police cars on the streets. This plan may deter or delay some crime, but having more cops on the streets will truly reduce crime in New York.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This piece was written today about an older New York City news headline. NYCo site delays prevented its publication before now. In an effort to entertain and educate this blog’s devoted viewers, 100’s of older headlines will be posted in chronological order until this blog is discussing current events again. Though some stories may no longer be as relevant as they once were, they remain interesting news items worthy of mention and viewer comments.

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