Friday, October 3, 2008

Empty Your Pockets For The Politicians

Both Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg recently warned that tax increases may be necessary to close anticipated deficits. In today’s current economic situation, New York City residents are likely to face state and city tax increases in the very near future. Once again, unwise and wasteful spending brings us to the precipice. New York State and City governments should have mandatory special savings accounts to tide them (and us) over during tough economic times. You know. The kind of savings accounts that New Yorkers will be forced to dip into when the taxman comes knocking.

MTA Ride Is Up For Commuters

A new pilot project from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority brings an old idea back to New York City. The double-decker bus is making its return debut in Manhattan, running up and down First and Second Avenues between South Ferry and Harlem. Aside from sight-seeing buses for tourists, NYC residents haven’t seen a two-deck city bus in service here since 1976. To many on the streets, they’re a welcome and compelling sight. These buses fit more people and cost less to run and maintain. 81 commuters can find seats on this new bus compared to 64 on the "accordion" buses. They run on super- low-sulphur diesel fuel. With a price tag of $650,000, they’re also $250,000 cheaper than accordion buses. It’s time to trim the trees around NYC and "put the accordions on eBay." If the tests go well, the MTA has a winner here.