Friday, March 21, 2008

Police’s Paltry Starting Salary Hurts Hires

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly testified that within a few months, the lowest number of uniformed officers since the early 1990’s will be on duty. He says it’s directly related to the low starting salary of only $25,100. That is low! The entire force deserves tremendous praise in recent years for drastic crime reduction across the board. It’s not difficult to forecast though that at some point (probably soon), without enough boots on the ground to enforce the law, crime rates will surely rise. I suggest that those in power immediately approve a rate increase for new hires. At the same time, they must demand hourly accountability from those already on the force. NYC residents should always get their money’s worth whatever they pay for. One more thing to those still uncertain. We can pay them our cops better now … or pay for it in bad statistics later.

Webster Hall Gets It’s Call

The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission approved landmark status for this 19th-century entertainment emporium in the East Village. Since 1886, Webster Hall (known in the 1980's as The Ritz) has been well known for it’s society balls, political rallies, decadent bohemian bacchanals, speakeasy liquor, live entertainment, recording performances and since 1990, a nightclub and concert hall. The building's owners plan to fight the new landmark designation because it limits their real estate options and lowers their sales price (should they decide to sell). While I sympathize with their objections, this building and it’s rich history are too special to risk losing to some future real estate developer’s wrecking ball.