Sunday, June 8, 2008

Don't Kiss And Tell On Bloomberg

The mayor doesn’t appreciate Scott McClellan’s Washington-insider book. In it, Scotty is highly critical of his boss, President George Bush. Mayor Bloomberg believes that aides should be more responsible. Bloomberg’s feeling is that an employee in an administration or a private company should never write a tell-all tome. You can put that in writing. Maybe.

Con Ed Bills To Rise Again

Are you shocked? Experts believe this summer’s electricity bills may go up 30% in New York City because of higher fuel costs. Are you shocked? Con Edison already charges the highest rate of any major electric utility. Are you shocked? Con Ed projects a 13% increase. Are you surprised???

Fight Club In The Park

The Union Square Spartans is a group of martial artists. Several dozen combatants were recently demonstrating their skills in Manhattan’s Union Square Park. That’s when The "NYPD Boys" made their appearance. The "club meeting" came to an abrubt end … without further confrontation. Remember the Spartans. They won’t be back anytime soon.

Cable Competition Coming

Time Warner and Cablevision may have to make room for Verizon’s Fios TV later this year. The city’s Franchise and Concession Review Commission approved Verizon’s plan. It now goes before the state Public Service Commission. Upon receiving their approval, service will begin in each of the five boroughs with service available to every home by 2014. Cable’s "chokehold monopoly" on New Yorkers has been loosened just a bit.

Wall Street Job Potholes Ahead

By the middle of 2009, an estimated 33,000 financial jobs may be lost. So says the city’s Independent Budget Office. New York City has recently seen 10,000 jobs disappear. The city took a harder hit after 9/11 when an estimated 60,000 jobs were lost. The local economy will always have it’s swings; good and bad. In downtown Manhattan, It looks like it’s about to strikeout before it hits it’s next homerun.