Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bloomberg III May Be Blocked

Former Public Advocate Mark Green believes enough is enough. He’s forming a group of labor and civic leaders to block any attempts by Mayor Bloomberg or his associates to change term limits. Green said, “After seven years agreeing to a two-term limit, Mayor Bloomberg’s potential flip-flop is outraging a lot of civic and labor leaders who I think will come together to oppose such a Putin power grab.” Green may still be smarting from his 2001 loss to Bloomberg. In that race, he was outspent $74 million to just $16 million. However, his opposition now may be something worth considering. After all, the people have opposed the end of term limits twice before. New Yorkers said “FUHGEDABOUDIT!” In the words of one of America’s greatest presidents, Thomas Jefferson, “The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.” Closed-door manipulations of the people’s will by City Council members or others should be recognized for what they are. An abuse of power. Maybe the Mayor should look into this.

What's The 911 For 9/11

New York City has a new ad campaign out for those still suffering from medical and psychological effects from 9/11. Some New Yorkers need help according to Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden. Respiratory ailments and post-traumatic stress are the two biggest possibilities. The memories of September 11th will live with most of us the rest of our lives. Physical and mental anguish, should not. If you need help, get it. Click here for more info.

Astroland Is Asta La Vista

New York's Coney Island Astroland rides have ridden off into the sunset. Recently, Astroland operator Carol Albert sent a letter to the lawyer of the landlord, site developer Joe Sitt. She threatened to close her amusement park if she wasn’t granted a two-year extension. Sitt sat pat, saying “We are extremely disappointed that Carol Albert has decided to give up on the future of Coney Island when her current lease isn’t even up for a number of months. A Sitt spokesperson added that Astroland will be replaced next summer with new “amusements, games, shopping and entertainment.” Astroland closed because they couldn’t reach a deal with Thor Equities. Children and families will suffer the most as a result. Albert claims she didn’t give up on Coney, just dealing with Thor and Thor’s CEO, Joe Sitt. Her lease expires on January, 31, 2009. Albert claims she needed the extra time to sell off rides to avoid penalties from Sitt. Time to eBay the rides, Carol. The landmarked Cyclone and Wonder Wheel will not be affected. Though Sitt promised to replace Astroland’s rides, the ones he arranged for this summer were a flop. So for now, a few more childhood memories of Astroland and Coney will be carried out to the ocean by the waves along the beach. Let’s hope that the future of Coney Island maintains a Brooklyn flavor, good and bad, without the corporate, antiseptic taste of Disney.

Bar Bull

This boy’s momma sure didn’t raise him up to be a cowboy! Aaron Schnore, 38, is suing a New York City bar for injuries he sustained when thrown from a mechanical bull at Johnny Utah’s in Rockefeller Center. He claims he was riding like a rodeo star until an unidentified bar employee jacked up the speed. No specific injuries were cited. A sign near the bull specifically warns urban cowboys to be sober before riding. Schnore signed a waiver before climbing aboard, but the lawyer plans to challenge it in court. Warning signs and waivers should weed out cowboy wannabees and wimps before they whine! If a bull is properly maintained and controlled, bullsh*t cases likes Schnore’s should be tossed out of court and the varmints should be run outta town!

Monroe The New Yorker

Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe was a New Yorker. So says Manhattan Federal Judge Colleen McMahon in a dispute between Monroe’s estate and the heirs of photographer Sam Shaw. He took famous shots of Marilyn including the famous one of her in a billowing dress over a New York City subway grate. Because she died a New Yorker, the judge ruled in favor of the heirs to the Sam Shaw archives. They're now entitled to copyright royalties from images of the dead celebrity. The judge used Marilyn's last income tax filing address and the fact that she kept a Manhattan pad as primary evidence in the ruling. Monroe reportedly told a friend that her trips to California were purely for business. I guess that made New York "Fun City" to Ms. Monroe. Thanks, judge! Marilyn’s an “official” Big Apple beauty, now!

New York City Comes Alive!

The New York City Health Department reported that infant births went up by 3,455 beautiful babies in 2007. The total was 128,961, up from 125,506 in 2006. Asians accounted for about half the increase. No reason was given for the extra fireworks going off in bedrooms in Chinatown and across the city in 2006 to cause the rise in 2007. Hmmmmm. 2006 was the Year of the Dog. I guess Asian guys got their way a bit more often than others.

Wrecking Ruth’s House

No bad trade, no bad free-agent signing, no bad season and certainly no good Red Sox team ever did it. No owner like the one who moved the Brooklyn Dodgers out of Ebbets Field or the one who moved Manhattan's Giants out of the Polo Grounds did it. Nobody ever took down the Yankees or the Stadium. Only Father Time and the pursuit of the almighty dollar have done that. Now, the city has requested bids from companies to demolish Yankee Stadium. They’ll put a wrecking ball hit on the House that Babe Ruth built for a $27,000,000 contract. New York City has given the New York Yankees until February 28, 2009 to "vacate the premises." And so they shall, to create a proud new tradition right across the street in their new Stadium. From March to May of 2009, asbestos will be removed from the old ballpark. The month of May will bring memorabilia collectors and recyclers to remove the stadiums treasures and valuables. The seats will be removed along with many of the smaller items. The well known "smokestack bat," a familiar meet-up spot and the white frieze along the roofline will be tougher items to sell. They may be moved to Heritage Field once it replaces the Stadium. Demolition will begin once everything worth taking has been removed, probably through early 2010. Many Yankee fans, find it hard to believe that the Stadium’s days are numbered. But we should remember is that we’ll remember uniform numbers even more than the Stadium. #3 Ruth. #4 Gehrig. #5 DiMaggio. #8 Berra. #10 Rizzuto. #7 Mantle. #16 Ford. #15 Munson. #49 Guidry. #23 Mattingly. #42 Rivera. #2 Jeter. The list of Yankee greats, near greats and others who have worn the pinstripes is a long one. With a tear in one eye to the end of an era, we look with a dry eye across the street. Yankee fans can start now to imagine the all-time players and memorable moments yet to come.