Friday, March 28, 2008

New York Is Getting Crowded

Finding it tougher to navigate untouched through a sidewalk crowd? Do train platforms have less space between commuters than before? Are you unable to squeeze into elevators lately? The reason may be that New Yorkers are 10 million pounds heavier in just the past two years! That’s an increase of 17% compared to the national average of 6.5%. To be blunt, we, as a population are seriously overweight. Many New Yorkers are now designated as “obese.” Unless this trend reverses (And who believes it really will anytime soon?), serious implications are on the menu. Future health risks and financial costs will be staggering for us all. Present peaceful co-existence with one another may be threatened too. Let's exercise, people!

Staten Island Ferries Won’t Go Bump In The Stormy Night

The Statue of Liberty’s torch isn’t powerful enough to light Upper New York Bay. Let’s be fair though. For over 100 years, her flame safely guided millions here from around the world. It doesn't need to be New York City’s night light too! Staten Island Ferry boats have been somewhat at the mercy of bad weather. To remedy this potentially dangerous situation, high-tech radar will be installed in 2008 on the city’s ferry boats and docks. This gear will enable captains to see their way clear through even the worst of storms. Great idea, but has New York truly gone all these years without this type of electronic system in place? That wasn't too bright.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Staten Island

For unknown reasons, Staten Island has the highest rate for smoking in New York City. In fact, 27% of those in the borough are smokers compared to an average of 17% in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. Among pregnant women, Staten Island moms-to-be smoke at an alarming 19% rate while in the Bronx the number is 5%, Manhattan and Queens are both at 5.1% and Brooklyn is 5.9%. The plus-puffing figures are puzzling. Residents of Staten Island will soon be barraged with a new wave of NYC-sponsored ads urging them to give up smoking. Hopefully they’ll be able to see through their own smoke to read them.