Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bucks For Blaze Boys

New York City’s firefighters got a well-deserved contract increase. No amount of money can adequately compensate these brave men and women of the NYFD who run towards fire that most humans instinctively know to run away from. Let’s hope that the economy and improved budget management by city officials permit additional raises for them and other vital city workers in the near future.

Bloomberg Wonder Wheels And Deals

New York City purchased a prime acre of Coney Island real estate for $11 million. This maneuver prevents Thor Equities, CEO Joe Sitt, from moving forward with his plans to develop a Vegas-like entertainment complex. It also boosts city policy to build a new amusement park in Coney. The city owns 4 of 9 acres needed to do just that. Sitt owns most of the present-day amusement area. He reportedly did not see Bloomberg "strolling down the Boardwalk" with this bold action. The carnival game between the city and Sitt will go on. Now that Mayor Bloomberg will likely be mayor another four years, it’ll be interesting to see if Sitt will "sit still" in the city’s "dog house" or make a shrewd move to go back into his "life is wonderful in Coney" funhouse once again