Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hot-Foot In The Summertime

Children’s playgrounds should be sanctuaries from neighborhood streets. For dozens of kids every summer though, they’ve become dangerous stopovers before visiting a hospital emergency room. Kids are getting burned. The black tiled mats which prevent slip and fall injuries have reached temperatures of 166.9 degrees. Swing seats have been clocked at 138 degrees. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe admitted that the mats get very hot but said they’re in use nationwide. Changing the mats to a more heat reflective color wouldn’t help much. According to Benepe, all New York City parks meet today's safety standards. They have signs posted to advise people to wear shoes. All of that sounds reasonable. One of the first things all kids learn is, “That’s hot! Don’t touch!” Remind them before they go out to play.

Vending Machine Makes Mirth

Funulator” for fun, anyone? What’s a Funulator, you ask? It’s a square, gumball-type dispenser that offers fun ideas and trinkets for fifty cents. It can be found at a few locations on the streets of New York. The creator, Jake Bronstein believes “Adults have forgotten to have fun.” This machine is his quick fix to the problem. So what “fun” things can you get from this gizmo? Here are some examples: A note encouraging you to buy a lottery ticket with a suggestion not to scratch it and telling people you "like your life as it is." A note saying “For a little fun, how about trying a Donald Trump comb-over?” A quarter. A sticky starfish. A lamp keychain. Are we having fun yet, people? Bronstein claims a vending machine company is interested in franchising his idea. Now that, is funny.