Saturday, March 29, 2008

Latest Pier 40 Plans Deep 6’d

Originally built in 1954 and used as a garage, Pier 40 has undergone several transformations in it’s 54 years. It's most recent incarnation is as a sports field complex. As evidence of structural decay grows, new plans for the building and rehab of this 14 acre structure jutting out into the Hudson River get shelved or scrapped. Hudson River Park officials will consider other proposals now for the pier’s long-term use. It's a unique part of the mosaic of New York City. Save it, and they will come.

Godzilla Marries Non-Bridezilla

It was finally revealed that Hideki Matsui, of Tokyo Yomiuri Giants and New York Yankees fame, left spring training to marry a 25-year-old Japanese lady. No name or photo given for this mystery woman yet but we hear she’s a professional woman of tremendous beauty and class. Now that the nuptials are revealed, CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO YOU BOTH!