Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Last Cigarette In Sight?

Is cigarette smoking coming to an end in New York City? Last year, 16.9% of New Yorkers smoked. That’s down from 21.5% when Mayor Bloomberg took office in 2002. It’s also the lowest total in the last fifty years! One wonders if the mayor's ban on smoking in bars or the city’s higher tax on cigarettes had more of an impact than common sense. Whatever the reason/s, the drop from 2006’s 17.5% to 2007’s 16.9% figure will save an estimated 100,000 people from dying prematurely; hopefully nobody you hate.

Favorite Big Apple Baby Names

New York’s ethnic balance continually changes. It’s no wonder that the most commonly given names for babies would vary, too. It’s curious though why the most popular names in 2007 for boys reads like a list for a society, long since gone, whereas the girls’ names seem timely for today’s diverse culture. Boys: 1) Michael 2) Matthew 3) Anthony 4) Joseph 5) Daniel Girls: 1) Isabella 2) Sophia 3) Emily 4) Olivia 5) Ava

Sex And Pet Tricks

28% of New York City men have cheated while in a relationship. That compares to 12% of New York’s women. 30% of the men and 12% of the women say they’d continue an affair even if they could get caught. Interestingly, 53% of the men and only 48% of the women would forgive a partner having an affair. So what may these numbers show? 1) Men cheat more than women. 2) Men will cheat more than women, regardless of the danger. 3) Men will be more forgiving of their cheating loved one because they know cheating is wrong and the pain it can cause. See? Even straying dogs can learn not to bite the hand that is cooking their meals.

Water Is Rising (Again) In The City

The NYC Water Board approved a 14.5% rate increase for homeowners, effective July 1st. Rate hikes are nothing new (2007-11.5%, 2006-9.4%, 2005-3.0%, 2004-5.5%, 2003-5.5%, 2002-6.5%), but the % increase this year, coupled with the rising price of gas, electricity, food, health care, etc., makes this pill extra hard to swallow. There are those looking to end water boarding for terrorists. Who’s out there looking to end this water torture for New York City residents?

Ambulance EMT Staffing Condition Is Sick

This summer, try not to have a medical emergency. It may be more serious than you can imagine. That’s because there will be a shortage of Emergency Medical Service Technicians in New York City. Many have left for higher paying jobs with the NYFD as firefighters. That information comes from Nicholas Scoppetta, NYFD Fire Commissioner. He still maintains however that his ambulance corps will be able to cope with the shortfall with overtime. Pat Bahnken, president of Local 2507 which represents 2,700 EMT’s believes otherwise. Let’s hope that patients don’t get caught short in this juggling act.

Meatpacking District Getting New “Meet” Place

Gansevoort Plaza” was recently dedicated in New York City. It’s being built at the intersection of six Manhattan streets along Little West 12th Street. It currently includes planters, art, bike parking and seating. More improvements are planned and on the way. A nice idea and a welcome addition to the neighborhood. But, it’s hoped that every possible safety measure will be taken to protect pedestrians and public park lovers. Six lanes of traffic can be somewhat intimidating; and dangerous. Nobody wants to wind up as dead meat just for feeding pigeons.