Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rising Gas Prices Spur Other Increases

As gasoline prices rise, gas thefts are coincidentally on the rise, too. In response, many New York car owners are purchasing locking gas caps to protect their valuable fuel. They won’t prevent all gas crimes, but lucky for those it will safeguard. Too bad we can’t lock up all of the thieves causing the price of oil to rise so quickly or the gasoline entrepreneurs that are opening up shop in our gas tanks.

Women Dress “Smarter” For Driving

Many New York City drivers and passengers are still ignoring the law and not buckling up. According to one study, 90% of the females wore seatbelts compared to only 77% of the men. Perhaps women find it easier to color coordinate their clothing with their auto's upholstery than do men? Maybe men want to be prepared to "bail" when they're confined in a vehicle with a woman. It's probably a genetic or testosterone thing. In any case, to all … “Click It Or Ticket!"

Cursing Cops Can Continue

That's what Andrew Case says (politely). Mr. Case is a spokesman for New York's Civilian Complaint Review Board. He believes that strong language can be an effective tool for a police officer to use in certain situations. Surprisingly, the NYPD guidebook instructs cops to be “courteous and respectful.” It does not explicitly forbid profanity. Of 4,024 complaints, only 6.6% were substantiated. In most of these cases, the officers usually received a stern lecture. That’s unf*ckingbelieveable, no? If strong language from a policeman can prevent the need for additional stronger action, it’s probably a good f*cking thing.