Monday, June 9, 2008

Freedom Tower Signs 1st Business Tenant

A Chinese development company becomes the first private tenant to sign a lease for office space in the Freedom Tower. It's currently under construction. Beijing Vantone Real Estate signed the Port Authority’s “letter of intent” for 190,000 square feet on a 22 year lease. Welcome to New York, BVRE! I recognize that this building like the Twin Towers, will also become a world trade center. However, wasn’t there a single American company interested in the recognition of being the first American organization to lease space in this building? No prejudice intended here. I'm simply struggling with the adjustment from national patriotism to global economy.

Scoop Poop Or Pay More For Manure

The fine for cleaning up after your dog will rise from $100 to $250 if New York Governor Paterson signs the bill into law. City Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said, “It sends a strong message to all dog owners about the seriousness of the law and their responsibility to comply.” This sh*t has got to end! I recognize it’s our duty to pick up our pet’s doody but let’s get real here. Is $250 reasonable punishment for a possible doggie--dump accident or mental lapse? It may be time to teach the old dog a new trick (see below). Then, let the city get it's money from some other asshole.

Illegal "Inn" The City

There are a reported 235 unlawful hotels operating within residential buildings in the borough of Manhattan. Foreigners are enjoying shorts stays in city apartments instead of local residents calling these units home. This practice is taking affordable housing away from needy tenants. It cheats the city out of millions of dollars too. Tourism is vital to New York’s economy, but tourists should not be welcomed into these buildings. Chanting “Peace and quiet, not a Hyatt!,” housing activists have joined forces with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. Together, they’ll try to do something about these hostile hostels.