Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yankees & Mets Want To Buy Their Old Homes

In 2009, both local ball clubs will play in new stadiums. New York City is the current owner of Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium, both slated for demolition after the 2008 season. The Houses that Ruth and Kranepool built will be no more. Gone, but not forgotten … and maybe not totally gone either. Negotiations are taking place to let the Yankees and Mets buy their old ballparks. Their similar plan is to dismantle and peddle stadium memorabilia to fans and baseball collectors worldwide. Revenue from the sales of seats, lockers, bricks and even dirt are expected to bring in tens of millions of dollars for each team. Now, if these stadium deals go through (and they will), wouldn’t it be nice if the teams donated their collectible revenues to building and improving baseball fields around New York City? It’s fans, past and present, that contributed to the success of these teams. It’s the teams that should give more to our city's baseball youth and develop their fans of tomorrow. Each team is now looking to go out with cash in their pockets. Donating this cash to our kids let’s them go out as winners.