Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Concrete Curse Reversed, Guaranteeing The Red Sox Will Be Worse

Several weeks ago, a destructive construction worker surreptitiously buried a David Ortiz, Red Sox baseball jersey two feet below a freshly poured foundation in the new Yankee Stadium. Well, we New Yorkers (and fortunately, the new Steinbrenner high command too) have a thing about "dumping garbage" on what will soon become hallowed Bronx ground. The stained shirt was quickly dug up and removed. Recognizing it’s collectible value though, Yankee ownership acted magnanimously. The jinxed jersey was auctioned on eBay with the total proceeds ($175,100) donated to The Jimmy Fund; a Boston based charity for children stricken with cancer. Rest assured Yank's fans that that kind of act buys mucho good baseball karma for sure. Now, as in the early 1900’s, the Yankees (then the Highlanders) have spotted the Red Sox a few World Series Championships. Big deal! History is known to repeat itself. Check back here in 92 years to see how many more World Series the Yankees have won as compared to their beantown buds. Even if the attempted “curse in concrete” had gone undetected, a buried Sox jersey wouldn’t have any detrimental effect on a “player in pinstripes.” It could only have been a precursor of things to come … for your team Sox fans. We're gonna bury you for another century!