Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bronx Students Take Unauthorized Field Trip From Principal

A walkout by nearly 200 of the city’s brightest pupils at the Bronx High School of Science occurred because principal Valerie Reidy, is "excessively" strict and harmfully “micromanaging” the school. This, according to students who attend there. They say top teachers are fleeing and being replaced by "sub-standard" ones. Punishment for “cutting classes” is also being more strictly enforced by Reidy with more severe consequences meted out than before. Principal Reidy believes the students are misinformed about the facts but didn’t clarify those facts for reporters.

Students should be fully aware of their responsibilities to the school, their families and to themselves. Cutting class and walkouts should have consequences. As for the latter though, it should be recognized that these children protested because they want to ensure themselves of the best education possible, being taught by the best educators. Indisputable facts are what’s needed here to understand and resolve this class crisis.Their approach may be inappropriate but their message should be heard and thoroughly investigated. After all, providing New York City kids with the best education should be everyone’s goal. There are administrators and high officials aplenty in the Board of Education. It might be best for one of them to check things out NOW and take whatever corrective action may be required. Students rebelling to learn and graduate should have allies in each of us. Let us remind ourselves of that while teaching them that lesson.