Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Nuke-Not NYPD

The Police Department received a $29.6 million anti-terrorism federal grant that will help complete a radiological detector “ring of steel.” This network of high-tech devices is supposed to prevent radioactive materials and nuclear weapons from entering New York City (I wonder if these security measures prevent these things from leaving the city if they’re already here.). Let’s pray the new equipment will work as well as the NYPD has since 9/11.

The Card King From Kings

To be a poker champion is not in the cards for most players. Brooklyn’s Ylon Schwartz, 38, has proven to be an ace among jokers, however. He’s become a recognized and successful tournament player. A former chess master at 23, he did poorly in school. Yet, because of his "gambler’s" reputation, he received several lucrative Wall Street jobs offers; each of which he declined (I wonder if Wall Street institutions still like to hire gamblers after the stock market collapse.). In the 1990’s Schwartz took up and subsequently mastered poker too. This year alone, he’ll earn over $1 million. Not bad for the Park Slope native who once hustled chess games in Manhattan's Washington Square Park.